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Houston Commercial Electricity Rates

Houston commercial electricity rates can be overwhelming for that reason we are here to help. In 2002 deregulation of electricity gave Texans the power to choose, prior to deregulation, one Retail Electric Provider had control over all operations from transmission, distribution, sales, and billing. As a result, this gave companies limited options when it came to utility providers which gave little to no choice in terms of rates or plans.

Conserva Energy represents the top Energy Suppliers in Texas. We would like to show you how we can help lower your electricity cost and at the same time help make Houston greener. The city of Houston currently ranks #10 greenest in the nation. In the same way, The Lone Star State is the largest producer of wind energy and is the leader among all states in renewable energy. Therefore together we can make Houston #1. 

With multiple energy suppliers, who has time to sort through all the different companies and rates. Because every business is different allow us to help with a free Electricity Analysis. Fill out our form for a Quote and one of our brokers will contact you to help find the best plan for your business. 

Conserva Energy is committed to delivering the best commercial electricity rates to new and existing business owners. We know you have the power to choose who your electric provider is. That is why we’re here to help with any question you might have.